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Groundbreaking Graphene Membrane Filtration Technology

We are NematiQ

Our talented and experienced scientists and business professionals have teamed together to bring this unique patented graphene membrane technology to the market.

Environmentally Focused

We are an Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) based growth company. Our graphene filtration products will disrupt the global water filtration market.

Technological Step-Change

Direct graphene nanofiltration membrane technology is a giant leap forward in producing pure and affordable water, treating wastewater while reducing environmental footprint.

Innovative Technology

Mass production, using innovative and patented technology, means high-quality graphene nanofiltration membranes and modules are now affordable.

From Australia to the World

NematiQ is a 100%-owned subsidiary of Clean TeQ Water (ASX:CNQ), and is headquartered in Melbourne, Australia. We will provide our graphene membrane technology to the entire world.

Graphene Membrane Diagram

membrane v5

Graphene Membranes

Graphene Membranes are manufactured using a patented high-speed layer by layer process, and filtration occurs via the tortuous path created by stacked layers of graphene oxide.

Graphene Membranes provide:

  • High permeability (30 LMH/bar).
  • Tuned molecular weight cut-off (MWCO) of 1,000 Daltons.
  • Easy passage of water and salts.
  • No ion concentration polarisation.
  • Rejection of larger species such as colour, DOC, viruses, bacteria and micropollutants.
  • Easier management of low salt by-products.
  • High water recovery.
  • Low energy use.
  • Chlorine tolerance.
  • pH tolerance.

NematiQ Graphene Membrane under polarised light



Target Markets

Drinking Water

nem cupRemoval of dissolved organics, micropollutants and bacteria and viruses.

Treated Effluent

nem dropRemoval of dissolved organics, micropollutants and bacteria and viruses.

Industrial Wastewater

nem cogRemoval of organic pollutants in industrial
wastewaters to allow reuse (dyes, pharmaceuticals, oils)

RO Brine

nem brineRemoval of dissolved organics, micropollutants, bacteria

Pre-Treatment for Seawater RO

go iconRemoval of dissolved organics, micropollutants and bacteria and viruses prior to seawater reverse osmosis

Industrial Separations

nem wavesSeparation of products in industrial applications (dairy, food & beverage, pharmaceutical)

Our Team


Peter Voigt



Dr David Menzies



Dr Abozar Akbari

R&D Manager


Paul Zientek

GM – Compliance


Alanna Song

BD Manager


Dr Adam Fischmann

Scientific Advisory

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